Hydraulic Power Units

ADVANTEC’s offers a wide variety of Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) for many different applications, from the smallest pressure test units, to large, high custom designed systems that meet special client or project requirements.

ADVANTEC has developed a range of Test & Flushing HPUs which meet most demands, and can supply systems for sale or rent.

The specification varies for different applications, and clients can select between requirements such as;

  • ATEX certification for Zone 1 or use in safe area
  • Lifting certification to DnV 2.7-1 or not (some systems available on wheels for ease of operation)
  • Pump motors driven by air or electrical power
  • Enclosed (containerized) or open skid design
  • Designed for water/glycol of mineral oil
  • Range of performance criteria, from low to high pressure, low or high flow rates