Unique Site Facilities for Hire

Site facilities are available at ADVANTEC’s locations for performance of various types of construction and testing. This includes EFAT and SIT activities. Facilities are available for long or short term storage of client equipment and tools.

Unique site facilities are available at most of ADVANTEC’s locations, with adequate space to perform external project, including assembly work, internal testing and integration testing of 3rd party equipment, such as Completion & Workover Systems, X-mas Trees, Landing Strings and Running Tools.

At the Advantec Stord facility, a large outdoor test pit of 25x25x25m is available for shallow water testing, and there is an inside test pit of 6x6x6m in the new workshop. These facilities are well suited also for testing equipment which involves pressurized gas or air.

The site facilities have adequate areas for outdoor and indoor testing, maintenance and storage of 3rd party components and equipment. Services include demobilization , inspection, repair and periodic maintenance of such components up to mobilization for new campaigns.

The facilities also include office accommodation, canteens, wardrobes etc for client or main contractor’s personnel. Adequate IT and communication facilities are available, including video conferencing systems.


Locations and Facilities