Workover Control System

The ADVANTEC WOCS is an integrated system which provides well control and safety functions during installation and workover operations for subsea wells.

The WOCS Systems consist of the following main components;

The ADVANTEC WOCS system is used both in Open Water (LRP) modes and in Landing String modes, and in Ultra Deepwater applications, requiring Multiplexed (MUX) systems.


WOCS Containers or Skids

A range of designs are available;
The WOCS Containers come in a variety of sizes, functionality and technologies, to meet any client demands.

  • Direct, manual valve operated systems
  • Electro-hydraulic (EH) systems operated through an electronic control systems and Directional Control Valves (DCVs) for direct control of the hydraulic umbilical line pressures to the subsea valves and connectors.
  • Multiplexed (MUX) WOCS systems for ultra deep-water applications, where many of the DCVs and electronics are placed in subsea Workover Control Modules (WOCM).

The ADVANTEC WOCS system meets the most demanding HSEQ requirements. The shutdown functions of the EH systems are designed in compliance with SIL2 requirements for safety functions (PSD/ESD/EQD), initiated from push buttons strategically located on the drilling rig or vessel. The WOCS Containers and Skids are all DnV 2.7-1 certified, and are supplied with certified lifting slings.




Manually Operated System

The Manually operated direct hydraulic WOCS systems provide well proven, conventional functionality, but with a range of new design features.

The Manually Operated DH WOCS systems come in two versions, a containerized version equipped with a control room for improved working environment, or compact HPU and MCP Skids which are operated from the rig deck. 


Electro-Hydraulic (EH) Systems

The EH systems come in different sizes and configurations to meet project demands. EH WOCS systems have more than 20 years of track record with supreme reliability and availability.

The systems are operated from a PC based HMI screen, and have a PLC based electronic control system. Remote Control Panels (RCP) are available, as well as SIL2 compliant shutdown system (PSD/ESD/EQD) operated from Local Shutdown Panels (LSDP) on the rig. The EH units have electrically operated Directional Control Valves (DCV) for direct hydraulic contrl of subsea valves and connectors. The HPU and control system have several layers of redundancy in accordance with all relevant international standards, with mechanical or manual back-up features and cross-over possibilities to ensure continued, safe operation. 

The provide improves working environment for WOCS Operators, and include a Control Room, with overpressure and air conditioning system in accordance with HSE requirements.


Multiplexed (MUX) Systems

The MUX systems are designed to provide both Normal Operation and quick response Safety Functions such as Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) of Completion & Workover Systems. A Workover Control Module (WOCM) which contains the required number of DCVs and instrumentation in a pressure balanced Subsea Hydraulic Module (SHM) and redundant Subsea Electronic Modules (SEM) can be used down to 3000m water depths.




Workover Reels

The Workover Reels are DnV 2.7-1 or DnV 2.7-3 certified, and are tailored to meet specific Umbilical designs and operational parameters. The Reels are fitted with Valve and Pressure Gauge Panels, which can include hydraulic rotaries (swivels), electrical slip rings and other interface features. The Reels are delivered with certified lifting slings.
ADVANTEC has designed Workover Reels for a range of applications, from small, air driven units, to large electro-hydraulically driven reels. ADVANTEC has a patented design which allows quick exchange of the Reel Drum with a replacement Drum. This provides back-up of a critical system component at reduced CAPEX. A guiding system allows replacement of Drums and Umbilicals offshore, which reduces OPEX cost.

Reels can be supplied with Remote Control Panels, Constant Tension functions, dual brake systems, and a range of other features to meet specific client demands. Simplified versions are also available as required.




Workover Umbilicals and Deck Jumpers

Standardized or project specific Workover Umbilicals and Deck Jumpers are available for sale or rent. ADVANTEC has agreements with many umbilical manufacturers, and has long experience in specifying and having made special design workover umbilicals for the most demanding projects, from shallow water to ultra deep subsea fields, including Landing String applications with high temperature requirements. Reel model and size is tailored to individual umbilicals, for optimized solution.

Specifications include high or low pressure hose designs, High Collapse Resistance (HCR) hoses, electrical cables and fiber optical cables of different configurations. Many designs are already qualified against relevant standards, and qualification testing of new designs is offered as an option to clients.

Deck Jumpers come in different configurations, cut from the main umbilical production, or as individually bundled hoses and cable lengths.




Connection Systems

ADVANTEC has a range of termination designs, for subsea ends of the main umbilical with MQC plates, or slim-line terminations for LS applications. Deck Jumper terminations are available to suit the WOCS container and Reel requirements. MQC plates of many designs are offered, together with Test & Flushing Plates to match the specific designs.

ADVANTEC offers in-field termination services for the most frequently used subsea electrical connectors, and performs termination of Ex certified topside electrical connectors. Repair services are offered for damaged umbilicals.


Umbilical Disconnect Systems

Break-away Umbilical Disconnect Systems (UDS) are available in different designs. ADVANTEC also has a design for a hydraulically operated UDS system.



Sheaves, Transport Baskets and Clamps

Umbilical Sheaves
DnV certified Umbilical Sheaves are available in many different designs and SWL ratings for workover umbilicals. The Sheaves are designed to meet the design parameters of the Umbilicals, to ensure long operational life. Safety features include a double support chain, and the design uses swing bolts to prevent damage from dropped objects. The Sheaves can be provided with weight cell and wireless transmission of applied load to the reel, and

Transport Baskets
DnV certified Transportation and storage baskets are designed to allow deck jumpers to be laid up inside, with due consideration to the minimum bending radius of the deck jumper. The void area in the center of the basket is designed to take one or two sheaves. Baskets are supplied with certified lifting slings.

Umbilical Clamps
Different types of Umbilical Clamps are available, in different materials and designs. This includes clamps for in-riser installation in Landing String applications and open water applications for clamping to workover riser or pod wire.